Future Continuous or Progressive Tense

In this section you will find information about the different uses of the future continuous / progressive tense with examples.

Uses of the Future Continuous Tense

To talk about events which will be happening at a certain time in the future.

They will be recording videos this time tomorrow.
I will be flying to Moscow next week.
Next weekend, I will be attending my favourite artist’s concert.

To talk about arrangements that will take place in the future.

She will be having a meeting this Monday.
Francis will be attending a seminar on Thursday.
They will be going on a trip next week.

To talk about future events in progress which will be interrupted by a simple action.

She will be having breakfast when you surprise her.
I will be exercising when the phone rings.
We will be studying when our parents get home.

To project ourselves or someone else in the future.

By the end of the month we will be running our own business.
This time next month I will be singing in big stadiums.
By the end of the semester, she will be graduating from university.

To ask for information about the future in a polite way.

Will she be attending the meeting this Tuesday?
Will you be joining them for breakfast?
Will we be having the seminar tomorrow?

With the word still to talk about events that are already in progress now and that are expected to continue in the future for some time.

I will still be working on the project this weekend.
Inflation will still be happening in the next ten years.
They will still be cooking in the morning.

In the following table, you will find information about the structure of the future continuous or progressive tense and positive, negative and interrogative sentences.

Future continuous or progressive tense table with examples and structure or form. Positive, negative and interrogative sentences.

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