Past Perfect Tense

In this section you will learn information about the different uses of the past perfect tense with examples.

Uses of the Past Perfect Tense

To talk about an event that finished before another event in the past (often past simple).

Carol had made dinner when I arrived home.
We had bought the cake before we went to the party.
Jess didn’t feel good because he had eaten so much food.

To talk about an event that finished before a specific time in the past.

Jennifer had already left by the time we got there.
By 5 o’clock, they had sent the email.
By the time we arrived at the airport, the airplane had already left.

In the following table, you will find information about the structure or form of the past perfect tense and positive, negative and interrogative sentences.

Past perfect tense table with examples and structure. Positive, negative and interrogative sentences.

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