Common Phrasal Verbs list 1

Learn the most common phrasal verbs in English with the following list.

Common phrasal verbs in English

  1. To abide by: to obey or to follow a rule.
  2. To call for: to require or request someone or something.
  3. To call off: to cancel an event.
  4. To call up: to phone someone.
  5. To calm down: to become less anxious.
  6. To carry away: when you get overwhelmed by a situation.
  7. To carry on:
    • To continue doing something; an activity, a performance, etc.
    • To behave in a way that is not appropriate.
  8. To carry out: to execute a plan.
  9. To carry over: to extend something from one time to another.
  10. To dive into: to start doing something you like with enthusiasm.
  11. To draw in:
    • To make someone get interested in something.
    • To approach someone or something.
  12. To draw out:
    • To make something prolong how long it lasts.
    • To obtain or elicit something.
  13. To draw up: to write or plan something.
  14. To dress up: to wear formal clothes for a special event.
  15. To end up: to find yourself in a particular situation or place.
  16. To fall apart:
    • When something breaks into pieces.
    • When you experience a breakdown in a relationship or something planned
  17. To fall out:
    • When you disagree with someone else.
    • When something becomes detached.
  18. To figure out: when you understand something through reasoning.
  19. To fill in for somebody: when you take someone’s place in their job temporarily because of their absence.
  20. To fill in: to provide information in a document.

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