Subject and Object of a Sentence

What is the subject and object of a sentence?

An example of a subject and object in a sentence is the following:

Taylor is giving chocolates.

Taylor is the subject and chocolate is the object.

A subject is the noun or pronoun that performs an action in a sentence.

Types of subjects

Simple subjects:

We own a second-hand store.
Joyce is sewing a purple scarf.
The council reached an agreement.

Compound subjects:

Your mother and I are planning a surprise party for your grandmother.
Lexie, Casey, and Harvey won the spelling bee contest.
Sean and Kara decided to quit their jobs to start their own business.

Complete subjects:

A small brown chihuahua crossed the street.
The man wearing shorts and a white t-shirt is the CEO of the company.
Many English teachers came up with creative activities for their students.

An object is the noun or pronoun that receives the action performed by the verb in a sentence.

Types of objects

Direct objects receive the direct effect of the verb’s action.

She opened the door.
I washed the dishes.
We called our mom.

Indirect objects receive the effect of the direct object. They usually appear after the verb and before the direct object.

Can you give me your thoughts regarding the topic?
Carly baked her mom some cookies.
I gave him a surprise.

Objects of prepositions refer to those objects that come after a preposition.

My brother and sister went to the park for a picnic.
The coat is hung behind the door.
The family picture hangs above the fireplace.

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