Common Phrasal Verbs list 3

Learn the most common phrasal verbs in English with the following list.

Common phrasal verbs in English

  1. To look ahead:
    • To physically see something in front of you.
    • To anticipate future situations.
  2. To look down on:
    • To physically see something from a high place.
    • When you consider someone or something inferior.
  3. To look forward to: when you get excited about an upcoming event.
  4. To look out: to pay attention to your surroundings because a potential danger.
  5. To look over: to examine or inspect something either briefly or thoroughly.
  6. To look up to: when you have respect for someone else.
  7. To look upon:
    • To view or gaze at something.
    • To consider something in a particular way.
  8. To make off: to flee.
  9. To make out something / to make something out:
    • To comprehend something.
    • To see something when it was impossible to notice.
  10. To make up for something: to compensate.
  11. To make up something / to make something up:
    • To invent something false.
    • To reconcile with someone.
  12. To pass out:
    • To faint.
    • To distribute something to people.
  13. To pay back:
    • To return money you owe to someone.
    • To take revenge on someone.
  14. To pick out:
    • To select someone from a group of people.
    • To recognize or identify someone or something.
  15. To pick up:
    • To raise something from the floor.
    • To learn something new.
    • To give someone a ride.
    • To collect something from somewhere.
  16. To point out: to highlight or indicate something for someone else to see it.
  17. To pull over: to move a vehicle to the side of the road.
  18. To put up:
    • To hang something.
    • To increase the prices.
  19. To put up with: to endure an unpleasant situation.
  20. To run into someone: when you suddenly meet someone

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