Common Phrasal Verbs list 4

Learn the most common phrasal verbs in English with the following list.

Common phrasal verbs in English

  1. To run into something: when you collide with something by accident.
  2. To run off:
    • To make copies; to print
    • To suddenly leave without permission or to flee.
  3. To run out of: when you do not have resources anymore.
  4. To run through: to review or rehearse something again.
  5. To run to something: when an amount reaches a certain cost.
  6. To see through:
    • To perceive something physically.
    • To recognize the true intentions of someone or something.
  7. To show off: to show something to impress people
  8. To sleep over: when you spend the night at someone else’s house, usually with friends.
  9. To take after someone: to resemble someone because of similar characteristics.
  10. To take away: to remove something.
  11. To take back:
    • To retract something you said.
    • To reclaim something that belong to you.
  12. To take down:
    • To write something down in a piece of paper.
    • To dismantle an object.
  13. To take in:
    • To finally understand something.
    • To provide lodging for someone or something.
  14. To take off:
    • To become successful.
    • To depart or leave.
  15. To take off something / to take something off: to remove clothing, accessories or objects.
  16. To take over:
    • To assume the responsibility of something.
    • To have control over something.
  17. To take something apart: to separate the components of objects.
  18. To take up:
    • To start a new hobby or something that attracts you.
    • To occupy space.
    • To use a lot of time.
  19. To try out something / to try something out: to test something to see if it works.
  20. To use up: to consume everything provided by something.
  21. To wipe out: to eliminate something forever.
  22. To work out:
    • When you exercise.
    • When you try to find a solution for something.

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