In this vocabulary section you’ll find interesting information about it. To be able to communicate with someone else, you need words to refer to things; that’s what vocabulary is about. In order to use grammar, you need vocabulary, the more words you know the better you expand your knowledge.

What are the vocabulary topics in English?

Englishforyourself.com gives you a predetermined order of basic English vocabulary topics. You first need to know the numbers, which is one of the easiest topics. We provide vocabulary lists in that way so that you can start learning basic words.

How can you memorize English vocabulary?

Vocabulary words are easy to remember as you may have heard some of them in the past. This gives you more chances to understand the language without forgetting about it.

Some fun tips to memorize vocabulary words:

  1. Read books, comics and magazines.
  2. Use flashcards.
  3. Use sticky notes to label specific words.
  4. Associate words such as feelings or emotions with colours or the weather.
  5. Practice every day.

How many words should you learn a day?

It depends on what works best for you. We recommend you to start with very few words and put them in practice. You can start with 5-7 words per day; imagine that you do that for a whole month; you will see a big difference. Of course, you need to use them as much as you can so that you don’t forget about them. In the future, you will gradually increase the number of words you learn, but as you start, keep it simple.

How can you improve your English vocabulary?

To improve your English vocabulary, you need to keep working hard with commitment to reach your goals. We will display a list with awesome tips to learn more words:

  1. If you get tired of always reading the same, try something different. What about scientific articles? English literature? Recipes in English? As you can see, the list is infinite.
  2. Write your own vocabulary lists by writing down new words each day.
  3. Watch videos on social media.

Vocabulary topics