Phrasal Verbs with Come

In this section you will learn useful phrasal verbs with come in English.

Useful phrasal verbs with come

  1. To come about: when something takes place.
  2. To come across:
    • To encounter something or someone unexpectedly or by chance.
    • When someone is perceived in a certain way.
  3. To come after:
    • To go after something.
    • When there is a sequence.
  4. To come along:
    • To accompany someone in a situation.
    • To make progress in something.
    • When someone or something enters into your life.
  5. To come around:
    • To visit someone.
    • When you regain consciousness.
    • To change your opinion or view.
  6. To come back: to return from somewhere or to return to do something.
  7. To come before: to appear or be presented before something else.
  8. To come by:
    • To pay a visit to someone.
    • To obtain something by chance.
  9. To come down with: when you become ill.
  10. To come forward: to step forward to offer information or help.
  11. To come in:
    • To enter a place.
    • When something arrives, usually merchandise.
    • When you finish a race or competition.
  12. To come into something:
    • To enter a place.
    • To receive inheritance.
  13. To come off:
    • When something succeeds.
    • When something is removed from something else.
  14. To come out:
    • Something is revealed.
    • To go outside.
    • To release or publish books, movies, novels, albums, etc.
  15. To come over:
    • To pay a visit to someone or to go somewhere.
    • When something is understood clearly.
    • When you experience a feeling.
  16. To come through:
    • To endure a difficult situation.
    • To succeed in something.
    • If you show your emotions, they may be perceptible to others.
  17. To come up with:
    • To think of something, usually an idea or solution.
    • To produce or generate something.

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