Phrasal Verbs with Away

In this section you will learn useful phrasal verbs with away in English.

Useful phrasal verbs with away

  1. To clear away: to remove things.
  2. To drive something or somebody away: when you force someone or something to leave.
  3. To get away with something: to do something illicit and not get caught.
  4. To get away: to escape from somewhere.
  5. To get carried away: to lose control over something because you are very excited.
  6. To give something away / to give away something: to give something for free.
  7. To go away: to depart from somewhere.
  8. To keep away: to avoid someone or something being close to you.
  9. To pass away: when someone dies.
  10. To put something away / to put away something: to put things where they belong.
  11. To run away: to suddenly leave a place.
  12. To take away: to confiscate or remove something.
  13. To throw away: to dispose of something that you do not need anymore.
  14. To turn away: to face the opposite way.

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