Phrasal Verbs with Get

In this section you will learn useful phrasal verbs with get in English.

Useful phrasal verbs with get

  1. To get about:
    • To travel and visit places frequently.
    • To move around actively.
    • To spread information or rumors.
  2. To get across:
    • To convey an opinion successfully.
    • To move from one place to another.
  3. To get after:
    • To chase or catch someone or something.
    • To make someone do something.
  4. To get ahead: to succeed in your endeavors.
  5. To get along:
    • To have a healthy relationship with someone else.
    • To leave.
    • To cope with a situation.
  6. To get around:
    • To travel frequently to different places.
    • To physically move around.
    • To overcome a problem.
  7. To get at:
    • To imply something.
    • To reach or obtain something.
  8. To get back: to return to a previous location.
  9. To get back at: to seek revenge against someone or something.
  10. To get behind:
    • To support someone or something.
    • To be late in something; not keeping up with something.
  11. To get by: to be able to cope with a particular situation.
  12. To get down:
    • To leave a vehicle.
    • To make someone depressed.
  13. To get something down: to write notes or information.
  14. To get in:
    • When you enter a place or a vehicle.
    • When you get admitted to an institution.
  15. To get into:
    • When you become interested in something.
    • To enter a vehicle.
  16. To get off: to leave a vehicle or transport.
  17. To get on:
    • To enter a vehicle or transport.
    • To make progress in something.
  18. To get on with:
    • To have a good relationship with someone.
    • To start or continue to do a task.
  19. To get out:
    • To leave a place in a hurry.
    • When something is revealed.
  20. To get over:
    • To recover from a difficult situation.
    • To believe something.
  21. To get along with: to have a good relationship with someone else.
  22. To get away: to escape from somewhere.
  23. To get away with something: to do something illicit and not get caught.
  24. To get carried away: to lose control over something because you are very excited.
  25. To get rid of: to dispose of someone or something that is not needed anymore.
  26. To get together: to meet with people for a specific event.
  27. To get up: to rise from a lying or sitting position.

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