Phrasal Verbs with Bring

In this section you will learn useful phrasal verbs with bring in English.

Useful phrasal verbs with bring

  1. To bring about: to make something happen.
  2. To bring along: when you bring someone or something with you to a place.
  3. To bring around: when you try to convince someone to change their mind.
  4. To bring back:
    • To remember.
    • To return or reintroduce something.
  5. To bring down:
    • To lower something.
    • To cause something to collapse.
  6. To bring forth: to create or produce something
  7. To bring forward:
    • To reschedule an event.
    • To give an opinion to be taken into consideration.
  8. To bring in:
    • To introduce something.
    • To generate revenue.
  9. To bring off: to achieve something successfully.
  10. To bring on: to trigger something.
  11. To bring out:
    • To publish something.
    • To reveal something or to make something evident.
  12. To bring over: to take something to another location.
  13. To bring up:
    • To mention a topic during a discussion.
    • To raise a child until adulthood.

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