Phrasal Verbs with Be

In this section you will learn useful phrasal verbs with be in English.

Useful phrasal verbs with be

  1. To be above: to be socially superior.
  2. To be after: to be searching or pursuing someone or something.
  3. To be against: to have an opposing view with someone or something.
  4. To be around: to be present.
  5. To be away: when you are somewhere else.
  6. To be cut out for: to be suited to do something.
  7. To be down: when you are unhappy.
  8. To be down on: when you dislike something or someone.
  9. To be down with:
    • To agree with an idea.
    • To fall ill.
  10. To be in for: to anticipate an event.
  11. To be in on: to be part of something.
  12. To be into: to be attracted by something.
  13. To be off:
    • To leave from somewhere.
    • When food has gone bad.
  14. To be off something: stop using something.
  15. To be on about: to talk about something continuously without knowing the meaning.
  16. To be on:
    • When you take medication.
    • When something is working or functioning.
  17. To be onto something: to believe that someone is hiding something.
  18. To be out: when you are not in your usual place.
  19. To be out of: when you are lacking something.
  20. To be out to: when you have an intention to achieve something. It has a negative connotation.
  21. To be up:
    • To be awake.
    • When something has increased.
  22. To be up for: when you are willing to do something.
  23. To be up to:
    • To be involved in something.
    • To be capable of doing an activity.

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