Common Phrasal Verbs list 2

Learn the most common phrasal verbs in English with the following list.

Common phrasal verbs in English

  1. To find out: to discover or learn about something you didn’t know.
  2. To give in:
    • To surrender.
    • To agree to something because of the desire.
  3. To give off something: to produce a smell.
  4. To give over:
    • To stop doing something annoying.
    • To dedicate yourself to something else.
  5. To give up:
    • To stop trying to avoid something.
    • To surrender to something you usually do.
  6. To go over:
    • To review something carefully.
    • To walk over a surface.
    • For something to receive recognition.
  7. To go through:
    • To search for something.
    • To undergo a difficult situation.
  8. To go without: to abstain from doing something.
  9. To grow apart: to become distant from someone else.
  10. To hand in: to deliver or submit something to someone else.
  11. To hand out: to distribute something to people.
  12. To hang up:
    • To place something in a high place.
    • To end a phone call.
  13. To hold back:
    • To stop someone or something from doing something.
    • To refrain your own emotions.
  14. To keep from: to refrain yourself from doing something.
  15. To keep off:
    • To avoid stepping on something.
    • To refrain from consuming something.
  16. To keep up with:
    • To stay at the same pace in terms of velocity.
    • To be aware about important information.
  17. To kick in:
    • To give money to support something.
    • When something starts to take effect.
  18. To let down:
    • To disappoint someone.
    • To release something slowly.
  19. To let on: to reveal something by accident.
  20. To look after: when you are responsible for someone or something.

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