Present Continuous or Progressive Tense

In this section, you will find information about the different uses of the present continuous / progressive tense with examples.

Uses of the Present Continuous Tense

One of its uses is to talk about situations that are happening at the moment of speaking.

My dad is making a fruit salad now.
I am doing my school project at the moment.
Fer is playing with her cat.

We use it to talk about situations happening around the moment of speaking.

Amy is learning how to take photographs.
Nowadays the Internet is becoming a useful tool.
The singer is releasing many songs these days.

Another use is for situations that are temporary.

Our cousin is staying at our house for the time being.
Paulina is taking Spanish lessons for now.
I am working extra hours this month.

It is also used for planned events taking place in the near future.

My mom and I are having a picnic tomorrow.
Steve is visiting his grandparents this weekend.
They are releasing a new album next Sunday.

We use it to talk about situations that are changing.

Tablets are becoming more and more popular nowadays.
Her singing abilities are improving.
More and more people are moving abroad.

You can also use it to express annoyance or irritation towards a repeated action, usually with the adverbs always and constantly.

I hate that you are always taking my laptop without asking.
Daniel is constantly complaining.
She is always running in the house.

In the following table, you will find information about the structure of the present continuous or progressive tense and positive, negative and interrogative sentences.

Present continuous or progressive tense table with structure or form and examples. Positive, negative, interrogative sentences.

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