Future Simple (Will)

In this section you will find information about the different uses of the future simple (will) with examples.

Uses of the Future Simple (Will)

To make on-the-spot decisions.

Let’s eat, I’ll pay for the food.
I’ll help you with the chores.
He will give you a lift.

To predict something in the future based on what you believe. Some adverbs can be used such as perhaps or probably.

John’s father will probably arrive tomorrow morning.
I think the party will be a disaster.
She believes it will rain today.

For future events that will happen because they are facts.

Martha will be twenty years old this week.
I will graduate from college next year.
The new restaurant will open at 7 o’clock.

For promises, offers, requests, hopes, warnings, threats, invitations.

I promise I will be there.
He will help you with the bags.
Will you go shopping with me?

In the following table, you will find information about the structure of the future simple (will) tense and positive, negative and interrogative sentences.

Future simple will tense table with examples and structure or form. Positive, negative and interrogative sentences.

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