Phrasal Verbs with Break

In this section you will learn useful phrasal verbs with break in English.

Useful phrasal verbs with break

  1. To break away from: to separate from someone or something.
  2. To break away: to escape or to leave.
  3. To break down:
    • When something stops working.
    • When someone suddenly starts crying.
  4. To break free: to escape from a situation.
  5. To break something down / break down something: to analyze something into smaller components.
  6. To break into:
    • To enter a place by force.
    • To start a new profession.
  7. To break in: to enter a place illegally.
  8. To break off: when something breaks; to become detached from something else.
  9. To break out of: to flee from a place.
  10. To break out: when something suddenly occurs.
  11. To break something off: to terminate something.
  12. To break through: when you overcome an obstacle.
  13. To break up:
    • To end a relationship.
    • To disintegrate something.
  14. To break with: to cut ties with someone or something.
  15. To break even: when you there is no revenue nor profit from something.

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